Outdoor Lighting

Professionals Creating an Evening Wonderland of Beauty

Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting is a Smart Investment for Several Reasons

Professional landscaped homes and public areas are transformed into spectacular showplaces at night when illuminated with Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting.  Artful gardens, dramatic trees, enchanting water fixtures – a new visual excitement is created at twilight with our accent lighting fixtures. 

Outdoor lighting helps to showcase your property by adding beauty at night.  Our creative outdoor lighting accents architecture, landscaping corners, steps, pathways, waterfalls, ponds, terraced gardens, dramatic trees, and other areas of your home or business.  

At Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting we specialize in the design and installation of automated low voltage outdoor lighting.  We are continually updating our technology and training to provide the latest and highest-quality services and products. By designing and installing high quality, professional lighting products we can help you to enhance the beauty of your property safely and efficiently.   Besides the aesthetical value, our low voltage lighting is less expensive, safer, uses less energy, and is easier to maintain than other lighting systems.  

Landscape lighting is a smart investment.  It enhances a property’s value, by creating a new drama and beauty in a garden year-round.  Lighting increases safety and reduces risks around walkways, decks, pools, spas, and other landscape features.  Night-time lighting also provides greater home security by deterring burglary, vandalism and other crime. 

Beautify Your Home Even at  Night

Our Team Installs All Types of Dramatic Lights:

Our extensive collection of high-quality fixtures for all landscaped sites include a collection that reflects quality.  We have a selection of more than 100 high-quality fixture designs and finishes for our clients, all of which come with professional installation and a warranty. 

  • Up and Down Accent Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Path and Spread Lights
  • In-ground and Well Lights
  • Underwater and Specialty Lights
  • Step and Brick Lights
  • Bollards, Beacons, and More

Visit our professional product manufacturers websites for more information on the lighting most often carried by Lasko & Ohio Lawn Irrigation:

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