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Lasko & Ohio offers one of the industry's most exciting & extensive collections of high quality fixtures for all landscaped sites. This dramatic selection with more than 100 fixture designs & finishes will add beauty, style & safety to public & private spaces. There are fixtures to match every architectural design & budget

Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting is a smart investment for several reasons:

  • Landscape lighting enhances a property's valve
  • Landscape Lighting creates new drama & beauty in a garden year round
  • Lighting increases safety & reduces risks around walkways, decks, pools, spas, steps & other landscape features
  • Night time lighting also provides greater home security by deterring burglary, vandalism & other crime

Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting designs & installs all types of dramatic lights

  • Up & Accent Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Path & Spread Lights
  • In ground & Well lights
  • Underwater & specialty lights
  • Step & Brick lights
  • Bollards, Beacons & more

Lasko & Ohio Creative Outdoor Lighting are the Professionals that can create an evening Wonderland of Beauty.