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Whether you are looking for maintenance on your garden or to create a new garden, Lasko & Ohio Group Inc is your premier choice in Mentor. With decades of experience in garden design and planting techniques, your new landscape is sure to exceed even your greatest dreams. We will work with you to plan and design your project then execute said plan on time and on budget. Our focus is creating your outdoor space efficiently with the best products on the market.

Keeping your landscape looking its best can be a large and time consuming task. We know that when you're looking for a landscaper, you're trusting the first impression people have of your home or business to us. When Lasko & Ohio Group Inc works with a new or existing client, our main goal is to ensure you are happy and build a long term professional relationship with you. Our landscaping, hardscaping and lawn maintenance services are among the most reliable in the Mentor area. After so many years in the field, our staff have developed an excellent eye for detail and will work quickly and efficiently to spruce up your landscape.

At Lasko & Ohio Group Inc, our rates are among the most competitive in the Mentor area. Contact us today to speak with a professional or to get a quote on your next project!

10 Signs of a Tired Landscape

  1. Architectural Features buried in shrubbery
  2. Uneven & cracked walks & patios
  3. Walks partially covered with plants
  4. Shrubs Over-trimmed with woody branches showing
  5. First step up to the house is too high
  6. Overall appearance is drab & boring
  7. Plants that use to be shrubs are trees
  8. Flower beds are overtaken by grass or shrubs
  9. Circle beds try to hide where tree was removed
  10. Once lush plants have become rigid geometric blocks