Irrigation Installation

Lawn Sprinkling Systems

Save Time So You Can Spend More Enjoying Your Yard

No more unwinding, untangling, pulling, rewinding, and storing with our lawn sprinkling systems!

Lasko & Ohio Group is a leading contractor for installation of irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties including office buildings, hospitals, athletic fields, and a growing number of condominium complexes.

All of our systems are installed and serviced by trained and professional technicians. We install only the best products available in today’s marketplace. We continually update our technology and training to provide the latest and highest-quality services and products in sprinkling systems.

A complete underground lawn irrigation system is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our systems are installed using the most state-of-the-art technology, which will not damage the existing lawn. In addition, pop-up underground sprinklers appear only when operating and disappear into the ground when not in use. An automatic timer turns the system on and off on the days you choose, which leaves you free to enjoy your home, relax, or enjoy other leisure fun.

A sprinkler system will increase property value and is a rewarding investment for property owners as it will add beauty to their lawn and landscaping. Our systems are the most effective and efficient way to properly apply water and maintain a beautiful lawn all season.

Our systems are truly affordable. So call us now at (440) 639-1700 for a free estimate with no obligations.