Backflow Testing

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We Take the Worry Out of Servicing and Maintaining Your Sprinkler

Each year more and more cities are requiring backflow testing annually.  The purpose of this test is to ensure the backflow assembly is working properly, keeping outside water (which contains contaminates) from backing up into your drinking water.  Our testers are certified and we submit the results directly to your water purveyor.  Please call the office for scheduling.

Lasko & Ohio Group provides maintenance, winterization, and spring start-up services for all of our clients. We take the worry out of preparing the systems for the winter, by turning water off to the system and evacuating the pipes of water with high volume compressed air. Our spring start-up services include a trained technician reviewing the system, checking all of the system’s zones and charging it with water, reprogramming the clock, checking the valves and heads, and installing new batteries in the controller.

We service 6 days a week Monday through Saturday in Northeast Ohio. Our scheduling times are either MORNINGS (between 8am – 12pm) or AFTERNOONS (between 12pm – 5pm). Call now to schedule your appointment with one of our trained technicians at (440) 639-1700.